Style Trends: Stair Carpet

In what area of your home do you see the most wear in your carpet? Typically carpet begins to show wear and traffic patterns in hallways and on stairs before other areas of the home. Concentrated traffic patterns with pivot points all add up to the carpet wearing down faster in those areas. Maintaining carpet with consistent vacuuming and proper cleaning can help restore a carpets appearance, but long term there is little that can be done to keep the carpet looking as good as it does in other parts of the home with less traffic.??

Smart shoppers of today are always looking at ways to make sure they get the maximum return on their investment when purchasing floor covering. That is why pattern carpets are increasing in popularity for use on stairs. Pattern carpets or LCL (level, cut, and loop) products have always been known for their fashionable styling however they tended to be prohibitively expensive limiting purchases. That is not longer the case. You can purchase a pattern carpet for at or close to the same costs as any texture or frieze. Carpet manufactures of today have designed styles of patterns, textures, loops, and frieze carpets with the same color lines so a pattern can be picked out for the stairs while another type of carpet can be used throughout the remainder of the home.

The tight pulled down construction of a pattern carpet increases its ability to withstand the high impact of being used on stairs. Not only will a pattern carpet on your stairs help show less wear but it also makes your home fashionably distinct.?
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