Carpet Direct can provide and install beautiful, durable, stain resistant and easy-to-clean STAINMASTER® Carpet

Thanks to the latest carpet manufacturing technologies, STAINMASTER® carpet is the perfect choice for active families and pet owners.

STAINMASTER® carpets are specifically designed for the lifestyles of today's active families. These easy-to-clean carpets are a great choice for families who need extra durable carpet options that can withstand the abuse from pets and active youngsters. If your family roster includes one or more four-legged friends, be certain to check out the STAINMASTER® PetProtect® carpet and cushion system. Moreover, if you have young children in residence, and you want a durable, long-lasting carpet that will survive their active daily lifestyles, STAINMASTER® Active Family™ carpet will do the job to perfection.

These carpets are available in popular styles such as texture, shag/frieze; plush; pattern; or Berber loop. More than 12 popular colors are available as well as different thicknesses and densities.

STAINMASTER® Active Family™ carpet is a winning choice!

Here is the carpet that will give your active family one-of-a-kind results regardless of the area in which you install it. Its outstanding features include:

  • Exceptional Durability- Manufactured with high-quality materials and built to demanding performance specifications, STAINMASTER® Active Family™ carpet is extremely durable and easy to clean. You can have kids and nice things. Pick what you want from our widest selection of styles and colors and rest easy knowing Active Family™ is durable enough to stand up to your active lifestyle.
  • Stain Resistance - Don't worry about anything if you spill something on this carpet. Active Family™ carpet strongly resists stains from food and drinks. Therefore, the next time an accident occurs, don't fret because it will be simple to clean up and will not leave any evidence that it was ever there
  • Proven Longevity - You don't have to sacrifice softness for performance. Active Family™ carpet is known to be durable and easy to clean, so you can relax when you have all of those feet that walk across your carpet. Most importantly, the carpet's original appearance is maintained due to the properties of the carpet, so if you have a houseful of guests there's no reason to panic about what they will think about your carpet.
  • About Cost - Since carpeting is never an ‘off-the-shelf' flooring product if you will need a professional flooring dealer to assist you in selecting the carpet you prefer and proper installation. That's where Carpet Direct can be of service. We offer the lowest prices in our areas to Homeowners in Tulsa, OK, Oklahoma City, OK, Durant, OK, Hinton, OK, Elmore City, OK, Woodward, OK, Dallas Ft Worth, TX, Fate, TX, Springfield, MO, Orlando, FL, Williamsburg, VA, and Atlanta, GA

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The durability of carpeting fits your need

You might not think carpets offer the durability you need, but you'll want to dive deeper into this benefit. You'll find products in this line that stand up to heavy traffic, children, and pets. Also, ask about brands with built-in stain and odor protection and warranties that are pet specific.

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