Carpet Performance

Once your carpet has been installed the primary factor in determining how it will perform long term is in how the carpet is maintain. The last post focused on the selection of a proper vacuum to help maintain the appearance and performance of your carpet. Here we will talk about another important element of carpet maintenance. Professional carpet cleaning.

We are often asked if the use of a home cleaning unit is sufficient for the care of a carpet. Although home cleaning units can be very helpful in removing a spill once it has happened in order to stay within the warranty guidelines most carpet manufactures require a professional cleaning be done by a recommended cleaner at least once every 12 to 18 months.

Many people may make the mistake of waiting to have their carpets clean especially if the carpet does not appear to be dirty. Carpet cleaning not only removes soil and stains from the carpet but the temperature of the water also helps to revitalize the twist of the carpet fibers thus protecting your investment for years to come.

For a list of recommended cleaning products consult your manufactures warranty guidelines booklet provided to you at the time of your carpet purchase. You may also visit the Carpet and Rug Institute web site at to find useful tips on cleaning your carpet or to find a carpet cleaning professional in your area.
Remember, ?The beauty and life of your carpet depends upon the care it receives?.?