Luxury Vinyl Tile or LVT

Have you wanted to put tile in your kitchen or bathroom but are afraid of the costs associated with ceramic tile? Perhaps you do not want a hard surface in an area where you might stand for a long period of time like your kitchen. What about wood? Have you wanted to put a wood product in your home but are concerned with moisture or the performance of wood in a high traffic environment.??

Enter LVT or Luxury Vinyl Tile. LVT is a vinyl product made to simulate ceramic tile or wood plank looks. A problem with vinyl is the product tends to shrink but LVT has a limestone composite base making the product very stable.

Some of the benefits for customers of Luxury Vinyl tile are lower cost, for both materials and labor, realistic visuals, ease of installation, and low maintenance. A damaged plank can easily be replaced unlike wood, laminate, or even ceramic tile. Most Luxury Vinyl Tiles can be saturated in water yet not be affected.

So if you are looking for a flooring product that can stand up to a high impact, that is lower maintenance, and won?t break the bank consider taking a look at our LVT offerings you may be pleasantly surprised.?