There are a lot of factors that go into a carpet?s overall long term performance and how a carpet is maintained determines in many ways how long that carpet will last. One of the most frequently asked questions from our customers is what type of vacuum should they use. There are so many makes, models, and prices ranges for vacuums it is no wonder that question so often comes up. A good quality vacuum is important to help maintain the lasting beauty of your carpet so when selecting a vacuum here is what we would recommend.

Most manufactures do not void warranty based on the type of vacuum used on their carpets. However there are a few exceptions to that rule. Several carpet manufactures will void the warranties on their carpet if a particular vacuum is used or if a vacuum is used that is not recommended by the Carpet and Rug Institute. To find a list of approved vacuums you can visit their website at When you get there click on Residential Customers. Once the page loads, on the left side you will find the link Cleaning & Maintenance. Under that, you?ll find the Seal of Approval (SOA) link. From there, you can do a search for vacuums that are recommended. Most manufacturers recommend but do not require that customer?s chose a vacuum from this list.

We hope this information proves useful when selecting proper methods for the long term care of your carpet.?